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**HPL/SQL is included to Apache Hive since version 2.0** * [[home|Home]]\\ * [[why|Why HPL/SQL]]\\ * [[features|Key Features]]\\ * [[start|Get Started]]\\ * [[doc|HPL/SQL Reference]]\\ * [[download|Download]]\\ * [[new|What's New]]\\ * [[about|About]]


====== COPY FROM LOCAL Statement ====== COPY FROM LOCAL statement allows to copy local directories and files to Hadoop compatible file system. Using this statement you can easily copy subdirectories into HDFS i.e. **Syntax**: <code language=sql> COPY FROM LOCAL src [, src2, ...] TO tgt [options] options: OVERWRITE DELETE IGNORE </code> Return values (set to [[hostcode|HOSTCODE]]): | **HOSTCODE** | **Description** | | 0 | Copy was successful | | 1 | Copy failed | | 2 | No files found | Notes: * //srcN// specifies a file or directory. If a directory is specified all subdirectories and their files are copied as well. * //srcN// can be an expression, variable, quoted or unquoted string. * If a single file is copied //tgt// must specify a path including the target file name. * If multiple files are copied //tgt// must specify a directory. * If the target directory does not exist it is created. * OVERWRITE specifies to overwrite the target files if they exist. * DELETE specifies to delete the source file upon successfull copy. * IGNORE specifies to ignore errors when copying a file and proceed to copy the remaining files. **Example**: Copy files from a directory and its subdirectories to a daily backup directory: <code language=sql> COPY FROM LOCAL '/home/data' TO '/user/backup/' || CURRENT_DATE; </code> **Compatibility:** HPL/SQL Extension **Version:** HPL/SQL 0.3.7 See also: * [[copy|COPY]]