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HPL/SQL is included to Apache Hive since version 2.0


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====== SQLSTATE - PL/HQL Reference ====== SQLSTATE built-in variable contains a 5-character return status of the last SQL statement. SQLSTATE status code consists of a 2-character class code followed by a 3-character subclass code. Class code 00 (SQLSTATE '00000' i.e.) means the successful completion. **Example:** <code language=sql> SET plhql.onerror = seterror; -- Prevent raising an exception SELECT 1 FROM; PRINT SQLSTATE; </code> **Compatibility:** IBM DB2. **Version:** PL/HQL 0.03 **See also:** * [[error-handling|Error Handling]] * [[sqlcode|SQLCODE]] * [[get-diagnostics|GET DIAGNOSTICS]] * [[resignal|RESIGNAL]]