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HPL/SQL is included to Apache Hive since version 2.0


Oracle PL/SQL Compatibility

HPL/SQL compatibility with Oracle PL/SQL and SQL.

Language Elements

Oracle PL/SQL language elementes supported by HPL/SQL:

TRUE and FALSE Boolean literals 0.3.13
-- comment Single line comment 0.1
/* comment */ Multi line comment 0.1
NOT NULL Variable constraint Parser only 0.3.13
CONSTANT Constant variable 0.3.13
:= or DEFAULT Default clause 0.1
%TYPE Data type attribute 0.3.13
SUBTYPE subtype IS type Subtype

Data Types and Declarations

Oracle PL/SQL data types supported by HPL/SQL:

BIGINT 64-bit integer 0.3.13
BINARY_DOUBLE Double precision floating-point number 0.3.13
BINARY_FLOAT Single precision floating-point number 0.3.13
BINARY_INTGER 32-bit integer 0.3.13
BLOB Binary long data
BOOLEAN True or false 0.3.13
CHAR(n) Fixed-length string 0.1
CHARACTER(n) Fixed-length string 0.1
CLOB Characater long data
DECIMAL(p,s) Fixed-point number 0.1
DATE Date (year, month, day and time) 0.1
INT 32-bit integer 0.1
INTEGER 32-bit integer 0.1
LONG Long string
LONG RAW Long binary string
NATURAL Nonnegative 32-bit integer
NATURALN Nonnegative non-null 32-bit integer
NCHAR(n) Fixed-length string 0.1
NCLOB Characater long data
NVARCHAR(n) Variable-length string 0.1
NUMBER(p,s) Fixed-point number 0.1
PLS_INTGER 32-bit integer 0.3.13
POSITIVE Positive 32-bit integer
POSITIVEN Positive non-null 32-bit integer
RAW Binary data
ROWID Row address
SIGNTYPE -1, 0 or 1
SIMPLE_DOUBLE Double precision floating-point number 0.3.13
SIMPLE_FLOAT Single precision floating-point number 0.3.13
SIMPLE_INTGER 32-bit integer 0.3.13
SMALLINT 16-bit integer 0.1
SYS_REFCURSOR Cursor variable 0.3.11
TIMESTAMP Date and time 0.3.7
VARCHAR(n) Variable-length string 0.1
VARCHAR2(n) Variable-length string 0.1
UROWID Row address
UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE File handle 0.1

Operators and Expressions

Oracle PL/SQL operators and expressions supported by HPL/SQL:

|| Operaror String concatenation 0.1


Oracle PL/SQL statements supported by HPL/SQL:

:= Assignment statement 0.1
CREATE FUNCTION Create a user-defined function 0.3.1
CREATE PACKAGE Create a package 0.3.13
CREATE PROCEDURE Create a stored procedure 0.3.1
NULL No operation 0.3.13
SELECT INTO Assign values from query 0.1