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HPL/SQL is included to Apache Hive since version 2.0


HPL/SQL Command Line

You can run hplsql tool from a command line to execute a SQL statement or HPL/SQL script.


hplsql -e 'query' | -f file 
      [-main procname]
      [-d | --define | -hiveconf | -hivevar var=value ...] 
      [-version | --version]
      [-trace | --trace]
      [-H | --help]


Parameter Description HPL/SQL Version
-e 'query' SQL statements to execute 0.1
-f file Execute SQL statements from file 0.1
-main procname Entry point (procedure or function name) 0.3.7
-d var=value Variable definition 0.1
--define var=value 0.1
-hiveconf var=value 0.1
-hivevar var=value 0.1
-version --version Print HPL/SQL version 0.1
-trace --trace Print trace information 0.1
-H --help Print help information and exit 0.1


  • -e and -f cannot be specified together
  • if -main option is not specified, HPL/SQL starts executing all statements from the beginning of the script
  • You can use single 'query' and double “query” quotes with -e option
  • Currently -d, --define, -hivevar and -hiveconf are equivalent and allow you to define input variables.

Example 1:

Executing HPL/SQL statements from a script:

hplsql -f script.sql 

Example 2:

Executing HPL/SQL statements from command line:

hplsql -e "NVL(MAX_PARTITION_DATE(db.sales, local_dt, code='A'), CURRENT_DATE)" 

Example 3:

Using variables:

hplsql -e "PRINT a || ', ' || b" -d a=Hello -d b=world 


Hello, world